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What is the famous food in pune?of Pune?

uff, Pune is famous for khavayye giri (foody). In morning 7 AM you will get lots of stalls of famous Kanda poha, upma, sabudana khichadi, misal pav even south indian dishes like Idli, Dosa all over in main areas of Pune.

Famous dishes of Punekar’s which you dont have to miss whenever you are visiting this historic city are as follows:

  • Misal Pav: It is the state’s signature dish, which is served along with pav bread, combined with two types of curries. One curry type is spicy, while another is specially cooked green curry. At times, potato fries also accompanies the dish, to make it the most popular of all street foods available here in Pune.
  • Bakarwadi
  • Kanda Poha: A tasty snack made of puffed rice. It is also served mainly during breakfast. People love to have it with tea.
  • Mastani - milk based liquid with fresh fruit pulp (custard Apple) with a scoop of ice cream containing fruit.
  • Bhajaniche Thalipeeth - Thalipeeth is a type of savoury multi-grain pancake popular in Western India. It is a special Maharashtrian dish. The dough is prepared from a special flour made from roasted tapioca(sabudana), Rajgira (Amaranth), coriander seeds, cumin seeds, wheat, and rice. Onion, fresh coriander and other vegetables and spices are added when kneading the dough.
  • Various types of Bhaji (Pakodas)- You can get verious types of mouth watering bhajiya at one stop, you can order mix bhaji (Pakodas), or what you like to it in a single plate also option with pav (Bread) and without pav. Types are kanda bhaji, palak bhaji, batata bhaji, mirchi bhaji, bread pakoda, and Even Mumbai Pune famous wada pav.
  • Bharli Vangi: A famous side dish of this region which is cooked with small brinjals and crushed peanuts. It is a bit spicy preparation as chili powder is one of the main ingredients. A favorite side dish of the locals who eat it with rotis and naan.
  • Ukadiche Modak- Very unique and special Maharashtrian delicacy which is prepared on the occasion of Ganesh festival. Sweet coconut filling in nice and soft rice flour coating tastes just amazing.
  • S.P.D.P aka Shev Potato Dahi Puri also called as Shev Dahi Batata Puri - Have you heard of the abbreviation S.P.D.P before? Well if you are from Pune or have lived in Pune for a while you are sure to know what I am talking about. It's the most popular dish in the most popular cafe in Pune. The dish is Sev Potato Dahi Puri , a tantalising combo of crisp puris filled with boiled potato, beaten yogurt, sweet and sour tamarind chutney, hot chilly and mint sauce, finely chopped onions and tomatoes all topped with more yogurt and crispy sev. In short it is heavenly.
  • Varan Baath: -Varan Baath is a famous dish all across Maharashtra and so is in Pune. Varan is basically yellow dal, which is made with green chillies, water, oil and spices. This dal is light weighted and is best eaten with rice. Many people have omelette or sometimes fish fry with this combination of rice and dal to add some taste. So, if you want to eat true Marathi cuisine then have this dal and rice!

Edit 1: Some more famous dishes in Pune.

  1. Sabudana Khichadi:

2. Matki bhel

Hope you all tried these mouth watering dishes.

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