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Which country's breakfast is the most mouthwatering in your opinion?

I like Chinese breakfast, more specifically, breakfast in northern China, more specifically breakfast from Beijing my hometown.

There has been quite a lot of dissing against Beijing food.

Technically speaking Beijing cuisine belongs to Lu (Shandong) cuisine. But the downside of Beijing food is that this sub-cuisine does not have many homegrown dishes. And the ones we do have, are poor people's food. We adopt food from all over the country, being the capital city for the past 800 years. So the nobilities and courtiers eat fancy food from other places.

But fuck those snobs. Beijing has the best poor people's food!

My favorite is 炸油饼 deep fry pancake (?)

It's basically oil flour dough deep-fried. super unhealthy, I get it. you know, poor people food.

Best breakfast: soymilk + deep-fry pancake.

He miss Beijing so much…

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