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What kind of breakfast you wish to try

What kind of  breakfast you wish to try


Hotel breakfasts can be absolute fireworks of fish dishes that are amazing to look at and eat:

You’ll find the astronaut’s dream- caviar in a tube!

the ultimate skillet with roasted potato”.


English breakfast”.

As well as more simple things:

Chocolate (English)”.

Bubur ayam (chicken congee)

Nasi uduk (coconut milk rice with omelette, stir fried tempe, spicy potato chips, and fried rice noodles as side dishes)

Nasi kuning (tumeric rice with egg sambal and fried chicken as side dishes)

Lontong sayur (spicy rice cake curry with string bean, young jackfruit and chayote)

There are also non-rice breakfast dishes like these…

White bread with sprinkles/hagelslag

Bubur kacang hijau (mung bean porridge topped with coconut milk)

Bakmi (chicken or pork noodles)

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