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  Best Dishes in India

Preference for the minimum amount of spices, so all food retains its natural flavor. For many nations in the world, this will be too bland.

Most products are preserved by pre-preservation, after which they acquire a salty or sour taste and a specific smell. Most Europeans don't like this.

All food will be warm - there are almost no cold and hot dishes, they are either slightly colder than usual (room temperature), or slightly warmer than usual (hot tea based on freshly boiled water).

There is a pronounced difference between the taste of summer and autumn dishes, and the taste of winter and spring dishes. The most tasteless ones are spring ones. We only have 3 summer months to grow crops, 1 crop per year. Therefore, by the spring, the taste of food deteriorates significantly. In the summer-autumn period, the dishes are the most delicious - from fresh products, without preservation. In the winter-spring season, food is canned or stale, tasteless. We have no choice - we have to use what we have. I think that the dishes of the summer and autumn seasons will find a lot of fans, while the winter and spring dishes are very specific.

We eat a lot of sweet foods all year round - and they are delicious all year round! I think this particular taste will appeal to the absolute majority of people on the planet.

Summer dishes:

Autumn dishes:

Winter dishes:

Spring dishes:

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