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What is the most comforting smell in the world?

For most of the people it is going to be the smell of petrol, marker or the smell after it rains. For me it is,

  1. The smell of old currency or old books
  2. The smell when mom is making parantha and then she puts butter on it ! This is the best smell, even if I am sleeping or lazing around I actually get up and go to the kitchen, this smell has the power to make me get up from my bed that nothing else has !
  3. Also my fav mist without which I never leave home. Victoria secret pure seduction, a lot of people hate it but I actually like it.
  4. I also love the smell of coffee.
  5. lastly, the smell that comes in every baskin robin parlour. I don’t know what exactly it is of, but I love it.
  6. Depending on the circumstances, there can be a long list of smells that can be most comforting. I'd try to enlist a few of them.
The way a baby smells. The most mesmerizing smell ever. No other worldly smell parallels to it. The supple, clean skin, the tight full palm’s grip on your single finger and that brimming innocence. They whisper that good things exist in the world.
The smell from the enticing steam rising out of a sizzling, freshly prepared pizza. The foamy white cheese, melting and oozing out from the top of the crusty, chewy base. The pepperoni, the diced red and green and the yellow capsicum, the caramelized onion, the sliced mushrooms. Try taming your taste buds. One of the hardest urges to resist, right?
The smell of wet soil after it's made a tryst with the first rain shower of the season. The rendezous was a bliss, unexpected though, after a long, dry spell and the unbearable, parched land that that now assuaged and satiated stretch of land had become. Stand there for a while. Totally quiet. All by yourself. Completely drowned in the moment and the magical, earthy smell.
The smell of your morning's first tea or coffee. A relaxing start to a hectic day. Pleasurable it is.And why just morning? Three am coffees on a quiet, cold, wintry morning, and your favourite novel to give you company. Or a crisp new,and as white as snow, sheet of your diary and a pen to go with it. Sipping your coffee and writing out things that you wish to scream out loud for everyone to hear or things that are too sensitive to share. Sheer joy it gives.
The smell of Indian spices. My mother's favourite and probably of every other mother too. The golden-yellow coriander, the warm flavoured nutmeg, the strong flavoured fenugreek, the pista green cardamom and the strongly aromatic black pepper. The list is pretty long but the smell never fails to draw me to the kitchen.
The old, musty smell from the crumpled pages of a book from the bygone era. Makes me feel like devouring that book. Again. The older, the better. Smelling a book, that's been read atleast a million times before, is like holding in your hands a treasure that's already been discovered a million times before and yet, its value never succeeds in depreciating.
The smell you take in when you crush the sanguine petals of a rose flower. Doesn't matter if the petals are fresh or have been rendered dry by being kept sandwiched between the yellow pages of an old book. The sheer feel and the smell from the petals is soothing. It's as if the petals sacrifice themselves to give you that momentary, olfactory pleasure. An act of pure selflessness.
The smell of your man when you are under the sheets with him. Need I say more? One of the craziest smells and of course, simultaneously, the most comforting and soothing feel you can get from nowhere else.

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